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We re all a bunch of kids at the end of the day 😂 https://t.co/zPclGMPRzK

Quality is never an accident! It is always the result of intelligent effort!
Learning how to piece your self together within the right atmosphere is king 👑
Absorbing other’s opinion is important for one’s self… https://t.co/4jOMmpOWuv

Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier with many layers involved! It starts with making a plan of how you would positively inspire others around you. Karma will play its role and turn around blessings, I promise… https://t.co/3vFNjMaqS2

I’m super excited to announce the re-launch of
https://t.co/h9yHtPW1Ry where you can find more music, videos and photos of my musical journey 🎻
Thank you @salsawithsilvia for the… https://t.co/MPm5BNEam7

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As an internationally recognized Electro Violinist, Svet, merges his talent on the violin along the musical styles of today!


"You’re that good of a violin player, I dare to say the best I’ve heard!"
Howard Stern
“I’ve never seen anyone on the violin like you”
Shaquille O Neil
“You are an awesome musician! Thank you for making our event so memorable!"
South West Airlines CEO Gary C. Kelly speaks highly of Svet the violinist
Gary C. Kelly
CEO of SouthWest Airlines