Corporate Events

Book Svet for your corporate event and make it an exceptional experience for your guests and clients.

Weddings, Private and Family Events

Svet delivers a unique and unforgettable performance and music that nobody can resist dancing to. Book Svet for your event!

College, School Events, Concerts

Svet delivers a thrilling one-man show. His exceptional skills on the violin and his energetic dance moves make him a one-of-a-kind artist that will get any audience dancing with his beat.

"You’re that good of a violin player, I dare to say the best I’ve heard!"
Howard Stern
“I’ve never seen anyone on the violin like you”
Shaquille O Neil
“You are an awesome musician! Thank you for making our event so memorable!"
South West Airlines CEO Gary C. Kelly speaks highly of Svet the violinist
Gary C. Kelly
CEO of SouthWest Airlines


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